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Throughout its existence, the company INTERSTAB LLC has achieved financial stability and strong positions in the Ukrainian market. Harmonious combination of tradition and innovation in the process of production of food ingredients, cohesive team of world-class professionals, modern equipment, high-quality raw materials and individual approach to each client are the main factors for our success.

Under the conditions of growing competition in the market, and increasing requirements from consumers and the public, INTERSTAB LLC opened new production sites, introduced the procedures of quality control, based on the principles of HACCP, and modernized its equipment. As a result of constant researches, our company has developed and launched its own line of new products, and entered the world market, significantly increasing its export potential. Due to the direct supplies of imported raw materials, we have formed competitive and favorable prices for our customers.

HACCP concept was implemented and applied on the basis of our company, with the support of the EBRD and the Government of Sweden, which was a project donor. The use of this approach in the production process meets the urgent needs of business and society in the field of food safety.

INTERSTAB LLC founder, L.M. Rudyk

Our clients trust us

INTERSTAB LLC offers its customers a wide range of high-quality, safe, and own-produced goods for the food industry. This is possible due to the constant incoming quality control of raw materials, the use of modern technological innovations and outgoing quality control of finished products. We cooperate only with proven suppliers of raw materials from Europe, China and India.

Customer confidence is the main value of our company. All finished products are strictly inspected. Before going to the customer, each batch of our goods is tested in laboratory conditions. We actively cooperate with leading research centers of the country and the Ukrainian Research Institute of Nutrition.

Safety first of all

Individual approach

Due to its knowledge and vast practical experience, the team of highly-skilled technologists and scientific specialists of the company INTERSTAB LLC can implement the projects of any complexity. We are ready to provide an individual approach to each client, and to develop an exclusive product for the realization of specific production tasks.

Application of the system HACCP

Under the conditions of growing competition in the market of food additives and increasing requirements for food safety, our company has developed and introduced a food safety management system. We also apply the principles of the international concept HACCP. This approach involves the systematic verification of risk factors at each stage of product manufacturing and delivery, control of risks of food products unsafety.

Optimization of production

Working with us, you can solve a number of production tasks: to reduce the cost of purchasing raw materials, to increase the output of finished products, to improve the taste and structure of meat products, and to reduce the number of spoiled goods. The increase of key profitability indicators, due to the optimization of production processes and introduction of modern technological solutions, is a priority of our cooperation.

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